Friday, July 5, 2019

Structural and morphological features of ultrathin epitaxial InSb films in AlAs matrix

This work presents results of the investigation of structural and morphological features of epitaxial InSb layers in the AlAs matrix. Our research group used transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The specimens were grown by molecular beam epitaxy and prepared in the cross section (110) and plan view foils (100). We found a formation of the embedded epitaxial layer of solid solution InxAl1-xSbyAs1-y in the AlAs matrix during precipitation of In and Sb on the AlAs surface. The embedded layer had continuous area (wetting layer) and islands. The study revealed two types of islands in the epitaxial layer the first having coherent interfacing with the matrix lattice and the second a relaxed island. We estimated concentration of In, Sb in the solid solution by the indirect method. We used the method of geometric phase to analyze the distribution of misfit dislocation cores on the interface. Every misfit dislocation was formed by two close 600-dislocations with the Burgers vectors like a /2 <110>. The sum Burgers vector of the dislocation pair was in the plane of the interface.


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