Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Enhancement of the quality of InAsSb epilayers using InAsSb graded and InSb buffer layers grown by hot wall epitaxy

We have investigated the structural and electrical properties of InAsxSb1−x epilayers grown on GaAs(0 0 1) substrates by hot wall epitaxy. The epilayers were grown on an InAsSb graded layer and an InSb buffer layer. The arsenic composition (x) of the InAsxSb1−x epilayer was calculated using x-ray diffraction and found to be 0.5. The graded layers were grown with As temperature gradients of 2 and 0.5 °C min−1. The three-dimensional (3D) island growth due to the large lattice mismatch between InAsSb and GaAs was observed by scanning electron microscopy. As the thicknesses of the InAsSb graded layer and the InSb buffer layer are increased, a transition from 3D island growth to two-dimensional plateau-like growth is observed. The x-ray rocking curve measurements indicate that full-width at half-maximum values of the epilayers were decreased by using the graded and buffer layers. A dramatic enhancement of the electron mobility of the grown layers was observed by Hall effect measurements.


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