Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Self-ordering of metal-free phthalocyanine on InAs(100) and InSb(100)

The adsorption and surface ordering of metal-free phthalocyanine (H2PC) on InAs(100)(4 × 2)/c(8 × 2) and InSb(100) c(8 × 2) is investigated using scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM) and synchrotron based photoelectron spectroscopy. The two systems show structural similarities; at submonolayer coverage the preferred adsorption site of H2PC is on top of the In rows, and above 1 monolayer and after thermal treatment the first molecular layer is ordered in a densely packed '× 3' structure observed with both low energy electron diffraction and STM.

The electronic properties and the surface bonds of the two systems are quite different: the InAs–H2PC interface is semiconducting after room temperature adsorption but becomes metallic upon thermal treatment whereas InSb(100)–H2PC is semiconducting at all preparations. These differences are reflected in pronounced differences in the C 1s line shape between the two systems. N 1s core level spectra from both surfaces reveal deprotonation of the molecules, i.e. the central hydrogen atoms are lost upon thermal treatment.


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