Sunday, March 29, 2020

One-dimensional electron transport and thermopower in an individual InSb nanowire

We have measured the electrical conductance and thermopower of a single InSb nanowire in the temperature range from 5 to 340 K. Below temperature (T) 220 K, the conductance (G) shows a power-law dependence on T and the current (I)–voltage (V) curve follows a power-law dependence on V at large bias voltages. These features are the characteristics of one-dimensional Luttinger liquid (LL) transport. The thermopower (S) also shows linear temperature dependence for T below 220 K, in agreement with the theoretical prediction based on the LL model. Above 220 K, the power law and linear behaviours respectively in the G–T and S–T curves persist but with different slopes from those at low temperatures. The slope changes can be explained by a transition from a single-mode LL state to a multi-mode LL state.


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