Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Characterization of Al2O3/InSb/Si MOS diodes having various InSb thicknesses grown on Si(1 1 1) substrates

This paper discusses the capacitance–voltage (CV) characteristics of Al2O3/InSb/Si (1 1 1) MOS diodes grown using MBE via InSb bi-layer with special care to the surface reconstruction. This growth technique is based on our finding that the InSb layer grown on a Si (1 1 1) substrate is rotated by 30° with respect to the substrate under certain initial conditions. This rotation drastically reduces the lattice mismatch from 19.3% to 3.3%, and improves the crystal quality of an InSb layer. To investigate the possibilities of InSb MOSFETs on Si substrates, we fabricated MOS diodes having an Al2O3 insulator film deposited by atomic layer deposition. CV characteristics were measured both at RT and 77 K. It was found that the InSb grown on Si shows a degraded CV curve compared to the InSb substrate, even though the mobility of the grown layer is quite high. We also investigated the effects of InSb thickness on the CV characteristics of the MOSFETs. It was found that the quality of MOS diodes first degrades when decreasing the InSb thickness from 1 μm to 50 nm; further reduction of the InSb thickness improves it again. It was demonstrated that the MOS diode having a 10 nm InSb layer shows a good CV curve, which is comparable to that of the InSb substrate. Finally, we discussed the possibility of the InSb/Si pseudomorphic MOSFETs.


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