Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Study on Surface State Control Technique of InSb Material Ultraprecision Machining

Indium antimonide is one of the important materials which can be used to make semiconductor devices such as infrared detection device. Due to the low hardness and great brittleness, the surface scratching always appears and surface roughness is hard to lower during surface preparation. So it should be increasing the InSb surface quality during ultraprecision machining. In this paper the InSb surface adsorption-control technology was introduced. Through controlling surface roughness during chemical mechanical polishing(CMP) and using preferential adsorption during cleaning, the adsorptions of InSb surface were controlled. Through experiments, the CMP optimal process parameters under the alkaline conditions were gotten. Under such conditions, the preferable surface statewere realized. According to the preferential adsorption model, through using FA/O non-ionic surfactant the polished wafer surface can be kept in physical adsorption and easy cleaning state, so the wafer surface adsorption can be controlled effectively and the clean surface was obtained.


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