Monday, January 14, 2019

Photosensitization of InSb crystals by pulsed laser irradiation

The photosensitization of n-InSb single crystals after irradiation with nanosecond ruby laser pulses was studied. Based on a study of the photoconductivity spectra it is established that the surface recombination rate decreases in the samples subjected to subthreshold irradiation. The steady-state photoconductivity, non-equilibrium carrier lifetime and resistivity increases. Changes in the photo-electric properties of InSb crystals are attributed to the cleaning of the surface and to the gettering of electrically active point defects by extended growth defects. The role of laser-induced stress and shock waves in these processes is discussed. The method for changing the surface state and modifying the photo-electric parameters of InSb crystals and for improving the stability of their properties by means of pulsed laser irradiation is advanced.


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