Sunday, October 22, 2017

Growth of one-dimensional InSb nanostructures with controlled orientations on InSb substrates by MOCVD


Single crystalline InSb nanowires with high uniformity have been obtained on InSb substrate.
We realized controllable growth orientation of InSb nanowire by MOCVD.
A vapor-solid-solid growth of mode was attributed to the InSb nanowire growth.
The prepared InSb NWs show promise for future application in nanoelectronic devices.


We have synthesized InSb nanorods on InSb substrates by using metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). It is found that the crystal orientation of the substrate plays a remarkable role in controlling growth orientation of the InSb nanorods. On a [100]-oriented InSb substrate, the nanorods tend to lie on the substrate along its [1–10]-axis. In comparison, [111]-oriented InSb substrates tend to promote the vertical growth of InSb nanowires and free-standing InSb nanowires are consequently obtained. The evolutions of diameter and length of the nanowires on InSb (111) substrates as a function of growth temperatures, T, and input V/III source ratios, rV/III, provide the optimized growth condition, i.e., T = 400 °C and rV/III = 50. The orientated growth of one-dimensional InSb nanostructures is discussed and analized by employing a vapor-solid-solid (VSS) growth mechanism.
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III-V Semiconductors
Metal-organic chemical vapor deposition

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