Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Dislocation motion in InSb crystals under a magnetic field

Dislocation displacements under the action of a permanent magnetic field without mechanical loading in differently doped InSb crystals are investigated. The dependences of the mean dislocation path length and the relative number of divergence and tightening half-loops on the magnetic induction and preliminary load are obtained. Experiments on n-InSb crystals with Te impurities and on p-InSb crystals with Ge impurities have shown a sensitivity of the magnetoplasticity to the conductivity type and the dopant content. Study of the magnetoplastic effect in the initial deformed InSb crystals shows that internal stresses decrease the lengths of divergence dislocation paths and simultaneously increase the threshold magnetic field above which the magnetoplastic effect exists. Possible reasons for the observed phenomena are discussed.


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